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Radial drilling machines
RD 032/1000
RD 040/1300
Technical Parameter Unit RD 032/1000 RD 040/1300
Drilling capacity in steelmm3240
Drilling capacity in cast ironmm5058
Threadcutting capacity in steelmmM20M24
Threadcutting capacity in cast ironmmM24M27
Spindle taper MT 4MT 4
Horizontal travel of spindle head on armmm7001300
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RD 050
RD 063
RD 080
Technical Parameter Unit RD 050 RD 063 RD 080
Drilling capacity in steelmm506380
Drilling capacity in cast ironmm7285105
Threadcutting capacity in steelmmM30M50M56
Threadcutting capacity in cast ironmmM36M56M64
Spindle taper MT 5MT 5MT 6
Spindle quill travel mm315400450
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