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CU400MRD / CU500MRD / CU580MRD


The headstock is manufactured of a single, well ribbed and proportioned casting of special stabilized cast iron.

The headstock unit design has been fulfilled so to achieve the maximum of rigidity and less vibration.

All the gears and spline shafts are made in high quality steel, hardened and ground.

The lubrication is automatic, realized by one gear pump and set of pipes.


It is made of high resistance steel, casehardened, tempered and ground.

It is supported by precision, taper roller bearings SKF or FAG.

It is equipped with rear lock ring for the lash adjustment.

The spindle speed is infinitely variable. It is changed by so called “inverter“, turning one potentiometer.


Heavy, large, strongly ribbed, cast iron bed with removable bridge, gives the machine great rigidity. The guideways are induction hardened and ground.

The guideways lubrication is automatic.


The norton box insure the execution of large range of automatic longitudinal and cross feeds and metric, whitworth, modular and diametral pitch threads without changing gears.

The lubrication of the norton box is automatic, realizes by a piston pump and pipes.


Slides and carriages are well proportioned and equipped with steel tapered gibs for the lash adjustment.


In the apron made of casting are placed all the controls for longitudinal and cross feed as well as the threading device.

It is supplied with a safety device which prevents the thread cutting and feed device acting simultaneously.

In the apron there is an automatic piston pump which lubricate the guideways of the lathe and the thread cutting nut.

On the apron is mounted also the electric motor which provides rapid longitudinal and cross travels of the carriage.


Strongly build with casehardened, tempered and ground quill, provided with extraction slot.


The electrical equipment consists of low voltage components, SCHNEIDER brand - Germany.

Technical Parameter Unit CU400MRD CU500MRD CU580MRD
Height of centersmm220250290
Swing over bedmm440500580
Swing over cross slidemm240300380
Swing in gapmm640700780
Width of bedmm400
Distance between centers (DBC)mm1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000
Spindle nose CAM LOCKNo.8
Spindle boremm72
Number of spindle speeds sub-ranges 3
Spindle speeds sub-ranges (stepless – infinitely variable): 
I subrangerpm25 - 100
II subrangerpm100 - 400
III subrangerpm500 - 2000
Main motor powerkW11
Number of feeds 120
Longitudinal feed rangemm/rev0.04 - 12
Cross feed rangemm/rev0.02 - 6
Longitudinal rapid traverse speedmm/min3800
Cross rapid traverse speedmm/min1900
Number of threads 64
Metric thread rangemm0.5 -120
Inch thread rangetpi60 - 1/4
Module thread rangeModule0.125 - 30
DP thread rangeDP240 - 1
Cross slide travelmm315
Top slide travelmm130
Quill diametermm90
Quill travelmm230
Quill taperMorseNo.5
Length at DBC 2000 mmmm3600
Weight at DBC 2000 mmkg290029503010

Standard Equipment

  • Quick change toolholder with 5 holders
  • Back plate for chuck
  • Coolant system with electric pump
  • Spindle splash guard with microswitch
  • Toolholder guard
  • Low voltage machine lamp
  • Rear metal splash guard
  • Spindle dead center with adapter sleeve
  • Instruction manual
  • “CE“ norms Certificate

Optional Equipment

  • Selfcentering 3-jaw chuck dia. 250 mm
  • Independent 4-jaw chuck:
    - dia. 400 mm (for CU400MRD)
    - dia. 500 mm (for CU500MRD and CU580MRD)
  • Travelling steady:
    - 15-160 mm (for CU400MRD)
    - 15-200 mm (for CU500MRD and CU580MRD)
  • Steady rest small size:
    - 15-160 mm (for CU400MRD and CU500MRD)
    - 15-200 mm (for CU580MRD)
  • Steady rest big size I:
    - 140-280 mm (for CU500MRD)
    - 180-340 mm (for CU580MRD)
  • Taper turning attachment +/-10 deg
  • Drive plate with set of lathe dogs
  • Live center MT 5
  • Drill chuck with arbor
  • 3-axis digital readout system
  • 2-axis digital readout system
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