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T350 / T400

The super precision Т350 and Т400 RAIS CNC lathes are designed to perform a wide range of turning operations on medium-sized parts and components on a serial production basis.

All structural parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron and stress relieved for deformation.

The 45° slant bed construction assures high accuracy and high rigidity for heavy duty cutting.

High strength hardness guide and low resistance design provide prefer cutting surface.

The spindle is mounted with high precision class P4 NN type roller bearings and trust bearings, providing outstanding radial and trust loads.

Transmission with low thermal, preload ball screws, provided higher rigidity control.

Hydraulic tailstock. Programmable positioning is available.

Technical Parameter Unit T350 T400
Max swing over bedmm600700
Swing over carriage covermm400450
Max turning diametermm400450
Carriage inclinationdeg4545
Spindle nose A2-8A2-11 / A2-8*
Spindle boremm9295
Power chuck diametermm250 / 315*380 / 315*
Max spindle speedrpm30002500 / 3000*
Bar capacitymm7676
Z axis travelmm600600 / 1200*
X axis travelmm210 + 40235 + 30
X / Z axis rapid traversem/min2020
Ball screw on Z-axismm40 х 1050 х 10
Ball screw on X-axismm32 х 1040 х 10
Turret station number 12
Number of rotating tools 12*
Tool holder VDI 40 / BMT*
Quill diametermm80
Quill travelmm100
Quill taperMorseNo. 5
Main motor power: cont. / 30 min**kW18.5 / 22
Main motor torque: 100% ED / 30 min**Nm52.5 / 95
Machine dimensions (approx.): 
- Lengthmm32004400 / 3200*
- Widthmm22002200
- Heightmm20002000
Machine weightkg56006200 / 5800*
CNC control Fanuc 0i
(Fanuc 32i / Siemens 828D / Siemens 840D)****
(*) option
(**) technical data for Fanuc equipment,
(***) on customer request

Standard Equipment

  • 3-jaw through-hole power chuck
  • 12 station turret VDI 40
  • Chip conveyor and cart
  • Coolant system
  • Working lamp
  • Automatic lubrication system for axis ways and ball screws
  • Foot switch for chuck operation

Optional Equipment

  • 12 tools turret VDI 40 with 12 rotating tools
  • C-axis
  • Part catcher
  • Bar feeder 1.5 m
  • Bar feeder interface
  • Non through-hole power chuck
  • Auto tools presetter
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • High pressure (20 Bar) coolant system
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