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FT 363 / FT 364

Robust and rugged machine body made of high-grade casting assuring superb stability and long-lasting life.

Precision ground guideways with hardened surface for long term accuracy and wear resistance.

Large work area with up to 500 kg table load capacity.

Automatic table feeds at continuous (stepless) speed by one servomotor on all three axes X / Y / Z.

Rapid table feeds on all three axes.

Feed selection among X / Y/ Z axes via one lever only, avoiding interference of axes.

Wide Speed range (60 - 1800 rpm) of horizontal spindle for enhanced cutting on different material.

Horizontal milling spindle is supported at three points featuring robust cutting capacity.

High speed head with variator.

Infinitely variable speed of the vertical spindle (variator).

Air power drawbar.

Automatic feed or the vertical spindle quill.

Manual precision feed of the vertical spindle quill via hand wheel.

Automatic centralized lubrication system.

Coolant equipment.

Control panel swings out to either side for comfortable operation.

Technical Parameter Unit FT 363 FT 364
Table sizemm1325 x 3601600 x 360
T-slots: number x width x pitchmm3 x 18 x 70
X / Y / Z - axis travelmm1100/320/4001300/320/400
Horizontal spindle axis to table surfacemm20 - 420
Vertical spindle to table surfacemm200 - 650
Ram travelmm550
Horizontal spindle taper ISO 50, 7 : 24
Number of horizontal spindle speeds 12
Horizontal spindle speed rangerpm60 - 1800
Vertical spindle taper ISO 40
Number of vertical spindle speeds Stepless (variator)
Vertical spindle speed rangerpm50 - 3750
Vertical head rotationdeg90° left/right
Table rotationdeg45° left/right
Vertical spindle travelmm127
X axis table feed mm/min30 - 750
Y axis table feedmm/min20 - 500
Z axis table feedmm/min15- 375
Rapid table feed X / Y / Z axesmm/min1200 / 800 / 600
Motor power 
- horizontal spindle motorkW5.5
- vertical spindle motorkW3.75
Feed servo-motor torqueNm10
Machine dimensions (approx.): 
- Lengthmm22452520
- Widthmm21002100
- Heightmm25002500
Machine weightkg22502300

Standard Equipment

  • Fast vertical variator head
  • Automatic pneumatic locking of the tool in the head
  • Servomotor on feed transmission
  • Centralized automatic lubrication
  • Refrigeration system with pump
  • Spindle guard with microswitch
  • Lamp for working area lighting
  • Horizontal milling arbor dia. 27 mm
  • Horizontal milling arbor dia. 32 mm
  • Reduction sleeve ISO 40
  • Drill chuck with arbor
  • Draw bar
  • Spanners
  • Instruction Manual
  • "CE" Declaration

Optional Equipment

  • 3-axes digital read out system
  • Machine vice
  • Rotary table
  • Universal dividing head
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